Digital Nomad Visa


Digital Nomad Visa 

It’s a new visa that allows to live in Portugal for 2 years (renewable for 3 more) for foreign citizens (outside EU) that want to work remotely from Portugal for their overseas employer or that are self-employed. *

*Not to be confused with the equally foreseen temporary stay visa that allows you to request a visa to enter and stay in Portugal for up to 1 year working remotely for a foreign employer or independently.

II – How to apply?
Application form should be applied through a Portuguese consular in the country of the applicant nationality or residency – see further information at Global VFS Portal.

The following documents must be attached:
  1. Proof of fiscal residence;
  2. Proof of having an average monthly income in the last 3 months of a value equal to or
  3. higher than EUR 2.820;
  4. Work contract or promise of work contract; or
  5. Employer's statement proving the employment relationship; or
  6. Service provision contract or proposal of service provision contract (if self-employed);or
  7. Document demonstrating the services rendered to one or more entities (in case of self-
  8. employed worker); or Articles of association (in case of being an entrepreneur)

III – Other personal documents required:
  1. Application form;
  2. Authorization Statement for consultation of the Portuguese criminal record by the
  3. Immigration and Borders Authority;
  4. Passport or other travel document, valid for more than three months after the expected
  5. date of return;
  6. 2 photos passport type;
  7. Criminal record certificate from the country of origin or from the country where the applicant resides for more than one year - issued less than 1 month ago and certified by the Portuguese consular services or with The Hague Apostille;
  8. Residence Permit from the country where you have been residing for more than 1 year, if you are not residing in the country of your nationality;
  9. Valid travel insurance to cover necessary expenses for medical reasons, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation (6-12 months);
  10. Portuguese tax Number;
  11. Proof of subsistence means – Portuguese Bank Statement that the applicant has a
  12. minimum of 8.500€ deposit - The criteria to determine means of subsistence for each applicant is based on the minimum monthly salary (currently amounting to 705€) multiplied by 12 months**;
  13. Signed personal statement must explain the reason(s) to wanting to apply for permanent residency in Portugal, and mention the full address including postcode of the property you will be living at in Portugal upon arrival